411: Words Gone Wild

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WIldThingsEggers-thumb-300x470-22409On October 7, Reading Under the Influence will celebrate Spike Jonze’s upcoming film adaptation of Maurice Sendak’s 1963 classic “Where the Wild Things Are, ” plus this month’s release of “The Wild Things, ” a novelization of the film by Dave Eggers. At RUI’s traditional Sheffield’s Wine and Beer Garden home, readings will be done by Columbia College professor Devon Polderman, local writer John Flaherty and RUI regulars Rob Duffer and Jesse Jordan. “What happens is two rounds of people reading original work, followed by two more readings from ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ and ‘The Wild Things’ novelization, then more original work and trivia,” says Julia Borcherts, co-founder and co-host of RUI. “We all read it [Where the Wild Things Are] as a kid,” she continues. “It’s a point of reference for us.”

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  1. Duffer Says:

    Guests will not be reading from Where the Wild Things Are. They will be reading from a published work under the broad–and interpretative–theme “where the wild things are”. Like Lady Chatterly’s Lover, or The Wizard of Oz, or The Lord of the Ring Trilogy…I could go on. It’s open to interpretation but we will NOT be reading from the Sendak classic. Julia and I are the cofounders of RUI and we’re grateful for the plug, but you’ve misunderstood b/c we never announce what work readers will be reading from. It takes the suspense off the trivia.

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