411: Crime Lords

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“Don’t self-censor,” Criminal Class Press editor-in-chief Kevin Whiteley warns. Appropriate, considering the fearless Jim Goad will be headlining the Criminal Class Press reading at Quimby’s this Friday. C.C.P. will be supporting its fourth issue, which features such writers as Goad, Stephen Elliott and Chicago’s own Bryan Murphy. Goad, author of “Shit Magnet” and “Red Neck Manifesto,” aligns right in with the motives of C.C.P. as they champion the forgotten and the underclass over the glossy and timid voices they hear in other journals. “It’s a way to echo the voices from our upbringing, and the voices of Oi! punk and the noir scene,” says Whiteley. “For any writers in the audience,” says Whiteley, “we want to inspire them to bleed onto the page.” The reading will be hosted by Whiteley and will feature, aside from Goad, C.C.P staff writer and Windy City Story Slam founder Bill Hillmann. (Peter Cavanaugh)

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