Newcity’s Top 5 of Everything 2013: Lit

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Top 5 Books from Chicago Authors in 2013
“Little Known Facts” by Christine Sneed
“Don’t Kiss Me” by Lindsay Hunter
“Chicago By Day and Night” by Bill Savage and Paul Durica
“The Distancers” by Lee Sandlin
“Raven Girl” by Audrey Niffenegger
—Naomi Huffman

Top 5 Live Lit Series
The Paper Machete
Guts and Glory
Tuesday Funk
Essay Fiesta
—Naomi Huffman

Top 5 Lit Events
Printers Row Lit Festival
Chicago Zine Fest
Chicago Book Expo
Printers’ Ball
Chicago Humanities Festival
—Naomi Huffman

Top 5 Slam Poets of 2013
J.W. Basilo
Emily Rose Kahn-Sheahan
Tim Stafford
Dan Sullivan
Jamila Woods
—Mark Eleveld

Top 5 Indie Bookstores in 2013
Seminary Co-op
Book Cellar
Women and Children First
—John Wawrzaszek

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  1. Robbie Q. Telfer Says:

    i’m sorry, but these lists are misprints. they don’t mention me in all of them.

  2. Amy D. Says:

    Mark Eleveld’s list of “Top Slam Poets” fails to reflect the diversity of styles and backgrounds among poets in the Chicago slam scene. Where is Gregory Pickett? Where is Fatimah Asghar? Where is virtually anyone who has actually slammed in the last few years?

    There is no doubt that all five performers on this list are amazing poets, and any one of them can put on a hell of set, but it would be nice to see a list compiled by someone who regularly attends a larger variety of slams and open mics throughout the city.

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